About roostr

What is roostr? It doesn’t cockadoodledoo!

It’s the voice for renters!

roostr is an online rental property review platform allowing users to express their opinions on rental properties they have stayed in. It allows renters to tell other renters about the best and worst bits of living in a property.

Before you rent your next property, check out the review from the last tenants to see what you’re really signing up to. Please be aware that landlords will be able to respond to all reviews and we ask that all reviews are fair and truthful.

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How it works – it’s super simple

Write a review about a rental property you have lived in or are currently living in by creating an account or signing into an account you have already created. Having problems signing in?

Need help!

If you think a review is unfair about your property and would like it removed, please contact us with your concerns

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