About us


We are Peter and Kirsten, part of generation rent and the creators of roostr! After being frustrated renting properties from agents and even landlords who knew nothing about the property such as was the broadband good, where is the nearest train station and is the property light etc, we decided to do something about it and created roostr.

We both have had a few rental nightmare scenarios, always powerless to do anything, and left feeling frustrated, we have been there and know the pain when it comes to renting. roostr will give tenants a voice and improve the rental market for the better. It’s time to change renting!

If you have any questions please contact us.

Happy renting!
Peter and Kirsten

Meet Peter


I’m Peter Mumford, I live in a rented house that I actually like but I am paying a high, probably unreasonable price for it but I had enough of rodents! I have a degree in Multimedia Communications (Hons) from Bournemouth Uni so I am the person who has put all the cogs together to make roostr work.

I like to fly aeroplanes in my spare time and when I’m not flying them, I like to build them. I like chocolate A LOT (milk chocolate only)! roostr has been built with the help of lots of chocolate bars!

Come fly with me, send me chocolate or just say hi

Meet Kirsten (Kirst)


I’m Kirsten Harford. I live in a rented house that’s too dark and that’s the reason we started roostr! I have a degree in Marketing from Bournemouth Uni and have lived in a few places with leaks and squeaks.

My favourite thing in life is to go to the beach and have a BBQ. I am a bit of a nutritional enthusiast, I love kale and quinoa! My favourite colour is teal, hence roostr is teal and my favourite flower is a peonie – always happy to receive them – hint hint ;).

Get in touch to send me peonies or just say hi

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